Moroccans have developed this heirloom hashish variety for 6+ decades in the Rif mountain region. The Beldia is a highly sought after, thin-leaflet, fast-flowering variety. With rapid day neutral/auto-flowering tendency, this plant requires strict attention to rootzone impact. It is believed that the day neutral trait has been imparted by years of farming at high elevations with seasonal fall droughts. The Beldia is known to impart a sativa-like high with significant levels of CBD.

10 seeds per pack

Cultivated at 45 degrees North in Maine, this variety achieved a height of 3 feet and yielded 10k seed. The flora were coated in a dense population of honey/mint trichomes and harvested August 31. The father and mother were both similar in structure with short orb/candelabra-like branching, well apically organized and perfect internodal spacing. Early germination tests have proven successful. Homozygosity appears in early seedling testing.

This selection would provide excellent source for breeders or cultivators alike. A breeder can expect a stable population in early generation hybrids. A cultivator can expect consistency across seedlings. Unconfirmed are reports of 2:1 ratios of THC:CBD.



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