Alaskan Thunder Fuck X Sodo


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  1. Ok This one is for the hashishers.

I’ve had a very long standing relationship with the ATF.  I’ve held this cut along with my friend Rob since 2007.

she is a wonderful very unique plant.  Literally the most trichome dense plant I’ve ever seen.  ATF has great hash yields of extremely unique forest floor earthy terps.  They are very alluring with a serious sativa effect.  Minus the paranoia.


the sodo is Rootbeer x chemdog special reserve.  Made by mean gene from Mendocino.  The cdsr polen is the same polen that made the black lime reserve.  Kevin jodrey gifted the pack for a project with the regen conference series this year.

when I was making the f2 to get out for the project I hit a bunch of gals in the same room.

This one is sure to be a winner.


these are untested f1 seeds

12 seeds per pack.



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