Coke Chimes


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Cocaine Hippos x Lerry Chimes

Cocaine Hippos is a GSC x Chem D

Lerry Chimes is (Cherry west bx x Cherry pie bx) x (Lime 1 x Unkown)

the lerry chimes is a dominate force in all ways it brings the color, morphology, strong gas, lime, and cherry.  The cocaine hippos adds yield/girth while maintaining the mold resistance from the lerry.

she is very very mold/mildew resistant.  These photos are from October 22 after receiving 8” of rain in the previous 30 days. With very cold nights often in the low 40’s and dipping into freezing twice.

Bred on the 49th parallel


This is a Very special one and would be great foundation stock for any cold weather climate


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