Sagan’s Choice F1

Sagan’s Choice F1


The Pam Anderson x Diamond Mine (resin stud)

Extremely extremely limited. Inspired by Carl Sagan one of my heroes. This is a plant of possibility.

The Diamond Mine resin stud –

I found a volunteer resin stud growing in my food forest orchard. One of the coolest things I have seen. Colorful, dripping with resin, A resilient survivor living in harmony with the food forest floor.

A crazy rare find. He was taken to the lab for a potency and terpene analysis however one week later the lab informed me they had screwed up the test and needed another sample. But, There was no other sample. A Stab to heart! I never got any results for him,

but because he was so unique and special I used his little bit of pollen to hit a few things.

Out came some superstars.

Pam traits are always strong but there are

a pretty wide swing of phenotypes in these. but every thing that’s came out has been really really cool. I’m currently trying to decide what my favorite version is to move the process forward.

But this definitely should be shared especially because of its rarity.

10 seeds per pack



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