Licking Ice Cream


Ice Cream Cake x Liquorish Lime(Limevine x Testarossa f2)

15 seeds per pack

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Ice Cream Cake x Liquorish Lime(Limevine x Testarossa f2)

Dutch Blooms was gifted Black Lime Reserve x Testarossa and Limevine x Testarossa Seeds from Urban Terp Factory.  That season was exceptionally gnarly with a hard freeze coming in the second week of September.  Followed by four weeks of daily hard rain.  The result was an almost entire crop failure.. Except Dutch was able to find some keepers in these lines.

He made F2’s and opened up over 800 of them the following year.  Selected two males one which was more forbidden fruit dominant, and one that smells like vanilla frosting.  Both males were used on this cross onto the Ice Cream Cake.  The result is a tropical array of flavors ranging from pineapple to coconut and everything in between.   Also the Ice Cream Cake brought a very nice mild gas, and vanilla flavor.

Flower structure wise these are beast of their own kind. Planted densely the females pushed through and spread out forming large Trichome caked colas.  You will absolutely not be disappointed with this cocktail esc plant.

15 seeds per pack

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