Lime pop xOZ Kush


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Female: Limepop F3

Lineage: ghost OG x Limepop(pure Kush x black lime)

Male: OZ Kush

Lineage: Zkittles x OG Eddy

info:These are F1, untested seeds.  The Limepop Kush comes from freeborn selections.  In 2019. UTF pollinated 5, rather homogeneous, LPK females.  They had notes of; citrus/lime, pine, ginger, some dank, and even that urinal cake/cleaner smell.  The combination of the LPK and the OZ should fatten up the LPK.  Ideally, the OZ will strengthen the washability as well.  I’m looking for phenols that exhibit LPK dominant terms with added gas and candy.  LPK dominant plants should be stretchy without much color and frosty early on.  This strain needs a name.  A reward awaits.  UTF has plans to dig into the line this year(2021).  Check his IG for updates.


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