Papango Berry F2


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Female: Papango Berry

Male: Papango Berry

Lineage: (KC36 x Pure Thai bx3) x OZ Kush

Info: Bringing together two flavor heavyweights.  The KC36 x Pure Thai bx3 exhibits notes of papaya/mango and tart blueberry with undertones of spice, green tea.  We al know what the OZ Kush brings to the table, that addicting gas candy.  Expect to find the KC36 x Pure Thai bx3 nose profile more dominant, with separators being varying levels of gas and growth structure.  It can swing from more candy to hard gas candy, and from squat to OG lanky.  Expect purple coloration and resin coated buds.  UTF perfects candy with gas.  Keep an eye out for a pheno that has a very vigorous, OG style growth structure.  60-67 days.


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