Rainbow Island


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female: zkittles(clone) x OZ Kush

Lineage: Zkittles(clone) x (Zkittles x OG Eddy)

Male: Papango Berry

Lineage:(kc36 x pure Thai bx3) x OZ Kush

info: These are F1, untested seeds.  The mom Z x OZ, originally stems from an OZ Kush seed pack from Dying Breed Seeds and a Zkittles clone acquired from a friend.  Two phenols of the Z x OZ are incorporated here, one leans a little gassy(OZ) while the other more candy(z).  Both are LOUD.  How I landed on Rainbow Island was the word Rainbow representing the heavy amounts of Z in the cross, and the male invokes tropical vibes, representing the word island.  Anything lanky and vigorous should be more on the gassy side.  Aiming for a Zkittles dominant smell/taste backbone but trying to throw a tropical twist on it, and doesn’t hurt to have all that dipped in gas.


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