Regenerative bio-intelligent seeds


If you are a living soil probiotic grower, seeking the absolute best’ve found your seed source.

All the breeders we work with utilize regenerative practices with living soils. This means that the seed you buy actually is coated with beneficial biology. When the seed is planted in your living soil the microbes present on your seed jump in to gear starting the process. Further more the genetics themselves are accustomed to using the mycorrhizal network to access nutrients on demand. We call this bio-intelligence.

Over the years running many seed and clone stalk it became apparent that when I used clones or seed grown with synthetic nutrients it would take me two to three cycles to get the plants performing at peak levels. When using seeds or clones that have been raised in living soils that are teaming with microbes the plants took off and respond immediately.-Dutch Blooms



Part of the proceeds from seed sales go to fund seed preservation projects. We invite you to become a member of the Regenerative Seed Cooperative.



We have an outstanding selection of breeders, that display a wide variety of unique expressions. Regular Thc dominate, cbd, hemp, auto flowers, rare and elite cultivars. Connect with our team…