Seed CSA

Many many moons ago I started my first “legal” agricultural endeavor in form of a CSA(Community Supported Agriculture) The concept; that instead of buying the crops from a farmer at the end of the season, or from the grocery store. That you could pre buy their crops giving the farmer the much needed support during the biggest spending time of the year. The trade would then be that a farmer would supply weekly boxes of their harvest. Its a really beautiful concept that has grown with popularity. I can tell you first hand that my experience growing for CSA members was quite rewarding. As I was often able to introduce new vegetables, and always new cultivars with exceptional flavors.

I have been real deal outside farming vegetables and cannabis for over a decade and have never had a tractor. Truthfully i’ve only had a truck for about 6 months of that time. Ive really impressed myself to see the capabilities of the first Ford Focus, and now Honda Element based farming I do. But seriously my back is broken, and I’m taking on additional acreage. A tractor was a must a long time ago, but I really really could use one this season. So I thought why not try the CSA model but with cannabis genetics.

For the last 4 years I have been hunting cannabis lines that have enough strength to withstand the harsh wet fall climate we have in NW Washington. My farm is 5 minutes from the Canadian border and 5 minutes from the beach. Its cold and wet. I select all my breeding stock from full term outdoor runs. This is truly one of the wettest places to live. Often we don’t get flower trigger until the third week of August, followed by torrential rains the second to third week of September. This makes it a playground for mold, pathogens, and mostly botrytis. I have done the brutal work of sifting through large populations, usually over 500 seeds, but mostly in the 1000’s to find the ones that can handle the climate. I then make crosses indoors, and bring them into my greenhouse for testing. The goal is to make lines that are absolutely rock solid in performance in the gnarliest wet conditions, like a winter greenhouse grow. They must also have exceptional potency as I myself am a medical patient and need strong medicine. We can’t forget smell and flavor. . I also get to look at them in all three climates, outdoor, indoor, and greenhouse. All the lines have to check all the boxes. ZERO COMPROMISE. I’m very excited to release the lines over the next year.

This is a limited offer. I will only offer 20 shares. And will be available only for 15 days. If you do purchase a share, I will offer the same deal to you again next year. but will not re open to the public.



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