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Announcing Our 2022 Seed CSA

I’m very excited to offer the second year 2022 Seed CSA.  Last year the idea was sparked as I was desperately needing a tractor.  It was a huge success and I have realized what a powerful tool the concept is.  One its an extreme value to you as grower/breeder.  Every pack is busting with seeds, and the offerings are outstanding even if I do say so myself.  A full share comes with 16 packs.  And with perfect timing.  I’m in need of a truck.  My poor little Honda Element has burnt up two transmissions trying to keep up with me, and is very ready for a rest.  The Ford Focus before that didn’t seem to like the farm life either.  So its time to get real honest with myself and get the appropriate vehicle.  Ive got my heart on a 3/4-full ton super duty.

This years share will be heavily loaded with Lerry Chimes crosses.  Lerry Chimes is a NW hearty version of Cherry Limeade by Mean Gene From Mendocino.  Gene gifted some Cherry pie bx x Cherry west seeds to Kevin Jodrey and a friend had dropped some pollen on Genes Lime1 the male use in that pollination was unknown.  Kevin and co made the cross up at his farm Port Royal some years back.  I was gifted a big jar of those beans, I did an 800 seed sift.  I sorted down to a few phenomenal males, one leaning heavily heavy on the cherry pie side of things that dumps more pollen than any plant I’ve ever seen.  The other three were lime dominate and I used them together in a separate pollination.

This drop will include both lines the lime and cherry on the some of the same select females.  Ive gone thru most of these lines in 2021 and was amazed at what I found.  We had an abnormally wet fall, being at 49 degrees north my plants don’t generally trigger until the 3rd-4th week of august.  These proved to be no different, but they finished extremely fast and held up strong to the constant rain pressure.  I pulled them down the last week of September into the first week of October.  They Lerry Chimes male pushes through in morphology and lends its cherry lime tones, but has obvious influence from the select females.

Also included in this drop will be mean mug crosses.  Mean mug is also from Mean Gene From Mendocino.  It’s his (Gmo x Rootbeer bx) x Rootbeer BX2. I selected a rootbeer sweet cola dominant male and put him on a my select females.  The Mean Mug imparts morphology which I am absolutely in love with.  Most crosses are 9-11 weeks to finish but are excellent yielding plants, with a very easy to trim structure.  The sweet cola tones cream into the exotic powerhouse females I used.

Each box will include some fun extras.

In the coming months, I will be restructuring the Regenerative Seed Co, transforming the space to a subscription based community, education, purchasing deals, discord, online special events, more real connection to breeders, exclusive drops, and everything on the site will be discounted to subscribers.  There will be many more benefits as I build this new platform with friends.  All content will be paid professional instruction.  With exclusive online course offerings.  Along with the purchase of a full share you will get a one year subscription to the new site.  It’s a $240 value.

Additionally on the new site I will have an exclusive space for Seed CSA members to interact with each other and myself.  I will be regrowing all the selections I send out and putting weekly updates in that forum so we can all grow together and talk about what we are seeing in the offspring.

I’m also going to Include a 1 hour one on one zoom/phone sesh with all full share holders. If you are local this could be in person.  This can be used all at once or split up into two sessions over the course of the year.

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