Hello everyone. I’m so very excited to get this show back on the road. Thank you to all who have been patiently waiting (Ie michigan and Maine.) We are are booked and ready to rock for 2022. Heres the dates/locations/speakers. More speakers will be added as we tighten up the schedule. If you bought a ticket to 2019 in Michigan or Maine. we have you on the list. Just show up with with an ID and we got you. This years theme is water. While we all are aware of the impacts of climate change and water shortages, I think its time to really get serious and talk about water. It’s quality, storage, and cycling. All the speakers have been asked to dig into there specific topic/field and expound upon water and how it relates.

If this is your first time joining us please check out the you tube channel “Regenerative Cannabis” you can find past years talks and much more. Please know that this is different than other conferences in that the speakers come ready to connect. I have specifically asked them all to extend there stays and to spend at least two days with use. I give them all 2-4 hour slots so we can really dive deep into their respective topics, with lots of time for quality Q/A. Also, they are present, available and excited to connect with you personally during breaks and meals. This aspect, the personal connection aspect, is one of the major themes I push hard in this event series.

This is going to be a very magical time together as we share knowledge, support, and yes genetics.

Don’t forget the Seed Swap on Sunday. The Seed Swap is exactly what it sounds like.. its not a time to sell, but a time to share and exchange. It’s not limited to cannabis seeds at all.

The SoDo Project

One thing that is different this year is that each ticket comes with a pack of seeds and a t-shirt. This very exciting idea came to me as I was thinking how to build more value into the ticket. I realized we as a community of Regen Conference attendees can take on a team breeding project from across the county.

Wow the idea lit me up and after speaking with friends. I have decided to put out The SoDo Project (rootbeer x Chem Dog Special Reserve) F2. Here is the history.. The F1 cross was made by Mean Gene From Mendocino using pollen from the Chem Dog Special Reserve male and amazing line he calls Rootbeer. Rootbeer has taken us all by surprise in 2021 as we have all been waiting on Genes to drop it. It’s a Hindu Black Affie line with Hollywood Pure kush and Head band mixed in. The results are a very licorice, anise, creamy, sweet pop flavored plant with exceptional red tones and a beautiful bud to leaf structure.

The Chem Dog Special Reserve was from Aficionado it also was the same male that was used to make the Black Lime Reserve. Chem Dog Special Reserve won an Emerald Cup cultivated by Lady Ele. The chem lines more than likely come from the Stardawg work that Shilo Massive did.

The pollination was done in 2013ish by Gene and gifted to Kevin Jodrey whom gifted them to me, saying “I bet you find some nice rootbeer in these.”

This year in the PNW we had an extremely wet cold fall. Receiving over 12 inches slow and steady rain for the last 4 weeks of the flowering cycle. It was devastating. One series of plants stood out and two plants in particular.. The RB x CDSR. One plant was more vanilla and fuel, while the other was more subtle anise but would linger on and on. I used a stout afghan leaning male and made the F2’s which I’m sending out to everyone who purchase a ticket to the conference.

I’ve named it the SoDo Project as a way to pay honor to Genes work while also identifying where this selection was made and increased. In the gnarly PNW weather systems. SoDo or South of Downtown is where I lived in Seattle years back. The way this will work is. After the conference you will receive a t-shirt and a pack of seeds in the mail. We will drop a link for a private room in the Regenerative Seed Co discord, where we can all share our results, and work forward as a team to develop some variations on the theme, that are regionally adapted.

I’m quit literally brimming with excitement to share time, space, genetics, smoke, knowledge and love with you all individually and as a community. So much love,

Joshua Rutherford

2022 conferences


January 28-30

Kevin Jodrey • Suzanne Wainwright-Evans • Chris Trump • Eric Brandstand • Steve Raisner • Michael Box • Dr. Elaine Ingham, Nick Malmude, Wade Laughter

Richardson Grove RV Park

750 US-101, Garberville, CA 95542


February 25-27

Kevin Jodrey • Suzanne Wainwright-Evans • Chris Trump • Eric Brandstand • Joshua Steensland• Steve Raisner • Dr. Elaine Ingham(zoom), Wade Laughter

Grow Green MI

10505 Plaza Dr, Whitmore Lake, MI


March 25-27

Kevin Jodrey • Suzanne Wainwright-Evans • Chris Trump • Eric Brandstand • Joshua Steensland • Steve Raisner • Dr. Elaine Ingham(zoom)

Nature’s Summit

1011 Gardiner Rd, Dresden, ME 04342


April 29-May 1

Kevin Jodrey • Suzanne Wainwright-Evans • Chris Trump • Eric Brandstand • Joshua Steensland • Steve Raisner • Dr. Elaine Ingham(zoom)



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