Papaya Punch x Z28


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For this I used a cut of papaya punch I received from a local friend that has an amazing blue powerade/ fruit stripe gum terp, it finishes very quick at 56 days and yields very well in flower and decently well in solventless(3.5 – 4%). This cross was originally made by Harrypalms while with oni, papaya punch is
purple punch x papaya

That cut was then pollinated by a male z28 I found last year in some sin city gear, z28 is ( zkittles x blue petrol)
Blue petrol – blue power x ( sour diesel x Petrolia headstash) x tahoe
I chose to use this male to work with as the female siblings were all resin monsters that had killer blue terp, the only way to describe it is like the color blue, with undertones of fruity cereal and zkittles. All the females of this are finished in 63- 70 days with an average yield in flower and a decent yield in solventless ( 3%)

I’m currently in the process of testing these all myself along with friends here in Colorado. My goal with this cross is to try to utilize the mass and sturdiness of the papaya punch and add more blue/ fruit flavors from the z28 to the progeny.

I anticipate these should be very heavy resin producers and yield amazing flower. I expect to see fairly squat plants with tons of lateral branching along with tight node spacing from both mom and dad.


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