Lime 1 x (jaro f3)


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12 regular seeds

breeder notes:

Lime 1 is my favorite of the PKXBLACKLIME F1 plants that I had back in 2010. She’s the mother of BlackLimeReserve and the LimePop male. They’re best around 8 weeks, flower them too long and they won’t smoke as tasty which–in my experience–is the case with most Lime crosses and afghan plants in general. Lime1 x Jaro is pretty stable, you can stress it into getting a couple male flowers in bad conditions on some…but that’s the case with most things if people are being honest. Most grow fast and stretch pretty big–a few are squat and look different than the rest. There are lots of cool variations on the Kush theme, OG gassy things, tart kushy unique things–all very resinous. Mold resistant, fairly pm resistant and will grow big plants outdoors full term. This is a mix of my favorite flavors and has the potential to be anybody and everybody’s new favorite smoke if you happen to have similar tastes to mine.



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