Pink Champs x gelato x CL


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Pink Champs x {gelato 33 x (cherry limeade f5)}

12 regular seeds


breeder notes: The Pink Champs clone is one I got from a buddy–he planted it from a bagseed he got in some PinkChampagne years ago. It’s one of the bigger crowd pleasers when I take it to events or give it to people because of the sweet nostalgic smell. Outdoors it can get beat up and still look like it was in a greenhouse because of it’s shiny look. Out of all of the crosses I made with the Gelato33 x Gelato33xCherryLimeade male, this is one of the loudest, most unique sweet-smelling ones. Nice, chunky resinous buds–very pretty with even more color than the PinkChamps.


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