Banana Dog F2 x Guava Punch F2


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Banana Guava (Banana Dog f2 x Guava Punch f2) is a hash specific powerhouse polyhybrid selected for resin production. Both parents were a selection in the f2 generation the mother is a Banana Dog f2 and the Father was a Guava Punch f2. The Banana Dog f2 was selected for resin and the Guava Punch was selected for strong tropical stem rub. Both of these varieties are proven hashers therefore the offspring will undoubtedly produce valuable resin production for catching in Bubble bags either cured or Fresh Frozen. This release is untested though both parents have been proven for two generations we feel like this is the perfect hash hunters dream. Be the first to explore it’s potential, and have something truly unique in your hash genetic pool.

12 Seeds per pack


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