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Syrian V (Regular) 100 seeds

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In our effort to create more THCV rich Cultivars, we crossed our 1:1 THCV cut to a semi-autoflowering Syrian male. The Syrian Landrace population is known to contain high levels of THC, THCV, CBD, CBDV, and CBC in mixed ratios. The two males we used were selected out of the earliest flowering plants, which began flowering under a 20/4 light cycle 4-5 weeks from germination. They were more indica leaning with large purple tinted floral clusters that smelled of ammonia and perfume. Since THCV is unable to be detected in a leaf sample test, we werre flying blind with our male selections as far as THCV goes. We are offering this cross in Breeder Packs of 100 seeds in hopes that others will dive down the rabbit hole with us.


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