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Donny burger x Rootbeer bc2

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Donny burger x Rootbeer bc2
Donny burger = GMO x (GMO x Larry f8) bred by @skunkhousegenetics 
Donny Burger selection by @_theranch selected in house for production qualities, harvests earlier than GMO, but with heavier flower and a more foul and intense aroma. All around an incredible production plant and top tier smoke. This cross has been tested in gardens all over the country indoors and out, these seeds produce plants with really intense aromas, ranging from sharpie, and wet spray paint, to sweet cola and rootbeer. Expect longer flowering times from the GMO influence, and high potency on most individuals.
Rootbeer bc2 male selection made by @_theranch using stock from @meangenefrommendocino
Rootbeer Bc2 = Rootbeer x (Rootbeer x (Rootbeer* x Jaro*)
*Rootbeer = Headband x (Hollywood Pure Kush x (Hindu x Black Affie)
*Jaro = Sour D x (Hollywood Pure Kush x (Hindu x Black Affie)


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