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Gary Payton x Rootbeer bc2

(Gary Payton x Rootbeerbc2) x Rootbeer bc2
(Gary Payton x Rootbeer bc2) x Rootbeer bc2 bred by @_theranch
Utilizing a Gary Payton Clone i acquired in early 2020 I took my rootbeer keeper male and made some seeds with gary payton, I hunted through this hybrid to find what I feel is a good representation of both parents. Using this Gary Payton x Rootbeer bc2 selection I then took the same Rootbeer bc2 male and pollinated her once more. This is a Rootbeer bc2 Back Cross 1 using my Rootbeer male. Expect Rootbeer leaning plants with a bit of influence from the Gary Payton. Expect large flowers, color, and potency.
Rootbeer bc2 male selection made by @_theranch using stock from @meangenefrommendocino
Rootbeer Bc2 = Rootbeer x (Rootbeer x (Rootbeer* x Jaro*)
*Rootbeer = Headband x (Hollywood Pure Kush x (Hindu x Black Affie)
*Jaro = Sour D x (Hollywood Pure Kush x (Hindu x Black Affie)


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